• Must be done before Spring Break for credit

    When and where is it?

    • Set an appointment by going to see them in their office or by phone
    • Titusville Campus
      Career Center
      Casey Covel
      Building 3, Room 121

    Who can do this?

    • Students and Alumni, but I only give Extra Credit to Composition I students.

    Why would I do this?

    • To learn about career choices based on lived-experience and not mere title or salary.

    How much Extra Credit will I obtain?

    • Doing the MyPlan, (more specifically the Career Interest Inventory) is worth 25 points
    • If you do all three of the skills seminars and the MyPlan, you could buy your way out of the final.

    Do I have to pay for this?

    • Nope

    Do I need to ask for proof I was there?

    • They should give you a certificate at the end; if not, ask for something that proves you attende

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