Victorian Era

Readings and Brief History
  1. Quiz on Freud and Nietzsche readings
  2. Mini-paper
    • Use some of the Victorian ideals and discuss how the Victorians would have viewed your subject.

  1. The body and the mind are integral to each other, all part of the intricacies of the Great Design
  2. Deep Repression due to strict moral standards (hypocritically)
    • innocence and corruption
    • Sexuality leads to loose morals and a corruption of society
    • Double-entendre of sex: limb for leg, expecting , not pregnant
    • flowers and nature as sex talk
    • "conversation" as code for sex
    • Erotica begins
  3. Public face versus private face
    • Gender roles solidified into what we mistakenly call the 1950s view
    • Religiosity but also a fascination with "5th dimension," "seances," and "pseudo-science"
    • Capitalist ideals, but sentiment for the unprivileged
    • "Proof" of white male superiority
  4. Changes in science
    • Wealthy people supported science, which had little to no peer-review
    • William Paley's Natural Theology (1802), Religion and science shared as a "designing God" , but the two were beginning to split
    • From Haeckel's (1866): Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny
    • From Darwin (1859 On the Origin of the Species): Survival of the fittest
    • Medical practice soon relied on instruments
    • Phrenology allowed for characterizing people--status and place were knowable.