Readings Assignments

The Enlightenment was (and still is) an age of freedom through knowledge. Whether through democratic principles of a citizen government or meritocracy of succeeding financially, the core ideals concerned knowledge and learning. To that end, the assignments and tests in this section reflect the democratic and meritocratic ideals of learning and knowledge. Learning, though, meant more than just rote memorization of information; it meant researching and understanding more than what one source provides.
  1. Painting Test (75 points)
  2. Reading Test (75 points)
  3. Mini-paper(50 points)

  1. Autonomy of Reason: between empiricism and rationalism
  2. Perfectibility and Progress
  3. Search for Causality and the Causa sui
  4. Universal Principles governing nature, man, and society
  5. Assault on Authority of the Bible, Classics, and innate ideas
  6. Cosmopolitan connection of enlightenment intellectuals.
  7. Disgust with nationalism
Enlightenment thinking seeks:
  1. particular not general
  2. observable facts more than principles
  3. experience rather than speculation