Film List

  • Choose one film or one season of a TV serial.
  • You will need to re-watch parts or the whole of your chosen film or TV show many times this term. You cannot rely on memory for many of these assignments, no matter how many times you've seen that TV show or film.
  • You will need access to the TV show or film.
  • Choose a film or TV show that you have seen and that you like
  • Once you pass the Tropes paper (the first paper) you cannot change your selected film or TV show.
  • Every assignment will be about that same film or TV show.
  • You can choose the same film or TV show as someone else in the class, but you each must write separate assignments.
  • If you choose a film, avoid the following:
    • Animated Films (though ask me about any adult/ anime)
    • Children's or Youth Films
    • "Family" Films that have a Direct Moral Message
  • If you choose a TV serial, the show must have a season long, or more, story arc.
  • Do not select Episodic TV shows.
  • I will let you know if I have seen your chosen film or TV show. If I haven't, I may not be able to help you prepare the assignments.
  • I may say No to your choice based on if I have too recently read papers and listened to presentations on that choice.
  • Choose stories (Cinema or TV) that have many people. Small casts are difficult to use in these assignments.
  • This may seem counter-intuitive, but massively popular TV shows and films are easier to use in this course than art house, classic, or unheard of films and TV shows.

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