Composition 2 Presentation Rubric

  1. Structure

    • (-20 per each part of the structure not covered)
    • Cover all parts of the MLA Term paper structure
  2. Words per frame/slide

    • (-10 per frame/slide that breaches minimum or maximum word limit)
    • No less than 5 words; no more than 30 words
    • These minimum and maximum do not count towards smaller embedded frames that have words within them, such as in Prezi.
    • This condition does NOT pertain to Works Cited or to Quote frames/slides
  3. Hyphens

    • Use hyphens only to connect two words
    • DO NOT use hyphens as bullets

    • (-10 per missing quote)
    • Use the quotes from the MLA term paper
    • Must have a research paper quality lead-in to each quote
    • Quote frames/slides must NOT have extra images
  5. Works Cited

    • (-10 per missing citation)
    • Need sources in Works Cited
    • Works Cited does NOT need images
    • Works Cited may exceed the number of words per frames/slides
  6. No full sentences

    • (-5 for each use of a full sentence)
    • Use fragmented bullets
    • (you may use full sentences that set up quotes and quoted material)
  7. Subheads

    • (-5 per missing subhead)
    • Each frame should have a two part subhead, which gives the section of the paper and a descriptive title to what that particular slide covers
    • Example
      • Analysis: ISAs and the Matrix
  8. Counter

    • (-2 per slide with missing or incorrectly numbered counter)
    • Create a counter for each page
    • Example
      • 1/15 , 2/15 , etc.
      • pg. 1 of 15 , pg.2 of 15 etc.
  9. Font sizes and colors

    • (-5 for breaking 2/2 rule)
    • 2/2 rule
    • Restrict font types to one or two types
    • Restrict color of fonts to one or two colors
  10. Images

    • (-5 per frame without an image)
    • Images must pertain to the frame
    • Every frame must have one image, either as part of the template or as an embedded image.
    • Works Cited should NOT have images
    • Quote frames/slides should NOT have images
  11. Sound effects

    • (-25 for use of sound)
    • None. Don't use them.
    • Though you may embed videos with sound.
  12. Spelling

    • (see below for points)
    • Spelling errors that Word would catch
      • (-10 per word)
      • Example: He roxde west. ("roxde" is not a word, and Word would have caught the incorrect spelling)
    • Spelling errors that Word wouldn't catch
      • (-5 per word)
      • Example: He road west. ("road" should be "rode" and Word would not have caught that error.
  13. Clarity of text

    • (-5 per unreadable frame)
    • Post-It Note Test
      • Hold a 3" x 3" Post-It note at arm's length and step back from your PC until the Post-It is the same size as the screen. If you cannot read the screen clearly, the font size or font color (compared to the background) needs changed.
  14. People's Names

    • (-5 for each name pronounced incorrectly)
    • Use to learn how to pronounce names appropriately

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