Scoring for Assignments

My Mark Score reduction
awk Awkward Sentence/ 2 pt
b con Be consistent/ 2 pt
blech/ blah You used a cliche or flat language/ possibly 2 pt
c Missing comma or comma not needed / 2 pt
caps Capitals/ 2 pt
conad Conjunctive Adverb/ 5 pts
coorcon Coordinating conjunction/ 5 pts
cs Comma Splice / 5 pts
pus You have used an pus word/ 10% of assignment's worth
f Format problem/ 10% of assignment's worth
frag Fragment/ 5 pts
: incorrect colon use/ after mini-research 1, 10% of assignment's worth
; incorrect semi-colon use/ after mini-research 1, 10% of assignment's worth
hidden pus Quickest fix to sentence was to add a pus word / 10% off
Insta Fail The use of You, Your, You're, or Yourself instantly fails the paper
poss Possessive error / 2 pt
pronoun pronouns don't match/ 2 pt
runon 5 pts
sp Spelling of a word that still is a word (ex: rode instead of road)/ 2 pt
spsc Did not spellcheck; word does not exist/ 5 pts
spsc If on a tracking sheet, paper is a zero
space Your spacing between lines is incorrect/ 10% off
subcon Subordinating conjunction/ 5 pts
sv Subject and verb agreement is incorrect/ 2 pt
vt Verb has the wrong tense/ 2 pt

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