Assignment: Mini-Research #1


  • To learn the skeletal structure of research papers.


  1. Write a 1-1/2 to 2 page paper using the subject you chose in class and the theory we collectively agreed on.
  2. Download The Mini-Research Structure document to learn the structure.
  3. You must DOWNLOAD, PRINT, and ATTACH THIS SHEET to the top of your paper; Papers without this sheet are NOT accepted and considered LATE.


Breaching any of the following criteria may constitute an automatic redo.
  • Using any variation of you: You, Your, Yours, Yourself
  • Must have perfect formatting according to the Formatting assignment.
  • Must have all parts of the research paper, as per mini-research document above.
  • Not counting the Works Cited as a page, the paper must end somewhere after 1-1/2 pages; do not go onto page 3 (Works Cited will be page 3).
  • Proper assignment name, staple, and legible black ink required.
  • Cite one web based article (written by people with full names) in the theory paragraph; the article must be about your theory.
  • Do NOT cite some quotable quote from history.
  • Use ONLY this MLA website to help wrestle with how your source should be cited in the Works Cited.
  • You are not graded on having a perfect Works Cited on Mini-research #1, but you have to make an earnest attempt at creating a Work Cited page for your source.