Florida Undergraduate Research Conference

What is it?

  • A one day event where over 1,000 undergraduate students from almost every college in Florida present their posters in one hour sessions.

Where and when?

  • Melbourne Campus, EFSC
  • February 23, 24 2018

Who can go?

  • While FURC registration is open to anyone, I ONLY work with EFSC students who are currently taking or have taken my Humanities Special Themes in Post-Apocalyptic Narratives

Last FURC at FAU, February 2017

Brandon Shepherd presenting at FURC
Brandon Shephard
Poster Presentation Title: "The Furious Road to Ozploitation: Examining the Culture Stereotypes within Mad Max: Fury Road

Nykholas Quinones presenting at FURC
Nykholas Quinones
Poster Presentation Title: "Dancing in the Dark: The Conflict of Romantic and Sentimental Ideas in the Internet Apocalypse Trilogy"

Abraham Mullican presenting at FURC
Abraham Mullican
Poster Presentation Title: "Artful Stealing and Convergent Dodging: Analyzing Divergent and Converent Thinking in Creative Control, Temp Music, and Stealing Like an Artist"

Robyn Tilley presenting at FURC
Robyn Tilley
Poster Presentation Title: "That's Pretty Ugly: How Uglies Confronts Plastic Surgery As a Necessity in Youth"

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