4th Credit Option

Why would I do this?

For Composition 1 and Composition 2

  • You will be exempt from the final exam
  • You will not have to do a Prezi presentation

What extra work do I have to do?

  • A total of 25 hours of volunteer work for the semester.(In Composition 1, you must do 10 hours for the course, so this would be an additional 15 hours.)
  • In Composition 1, the extra assignment is part of the MLA paper
  • In Composition 2, you must give an informal discussion with the class on your volunteer work

Do I have to pay for this?

  • You do not need to pay for the privilege of exempting yourself from the exam and prezitation
  • Any of the Comp 1 and Comp 2 students can do all of the necessary extra work and exempt themselves from the exam and prezi.
  • However, if you want to receive credit toward your electives, you'll need to sign up for the one credit in ENC 2948, which costs the same as a one credit course.

Who can sign up for the one credit ENC 2948?

Have you already done a 4th Credit Option in an ENC course (in either Composition 1 or Composition 2)?

If YES (I have already done a 4th Credit Option in ENC)

  • You cannot do a second one for this course

If NO (I have NOT already done a 4th Credit Option in ENC)

  • You may sign up for the 4th Credit Option

Are there other courses that I can do a 4th Credit Option in?

YES. If an instructor is listed here, that instructor can offer 4th credit options according to the prefix. For instance...

  • Jones can only offer 4th credit option in ENC (Composition)
  • Luke Leonard can offer 4th Credit option in AMH (American History) and HUM (Humanities)
  • see the above link/list for other professors and their 4th credit offerings

Note: You can only do a total of THREE 4th Credit Options and those THREE must have different course prefixes.

How do I enroll in a 4th Credit Option?

  1. Register with an advisor for ENC 2948 BEFORE the deadline of Tuesday, January 31, 2017.
  2. Obtain and fill in a 4th credit option contract from the Center for Service Learning.
  3. Have me sign it.
  4. Return paperwork to Center for Service Learning

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